Monday, September 21, 2015

Pope Francis Is Preaching to the Converted

Raúl Castro was talking "Popespeak" back in 1968:

"A spirit of work creates a spirit of work; consciousness engenders consciousness; courage and faith engender courage and faith; an honest attitude engenders more honest attitudes; love of all society, of the entire people, and of all humankind engenders more love among men; But if we teach selfishness and money, it will engender more selfishness; opportunism will engender more opportunism; corruption will engender more corruption; ferocious individualism will engender more ferocious individualism. That is why we refuse to erect an altar to the god of money and prostrate the consciousness of men at its feet."Raúl Castro, May Day Speech, 1968, the year that the Castro regime confiscated within the span of two weeks 57,600 small businesses in Cuba and made every citizen an employee of the State and as impoverished as his neighbor (unless his neighbor was a Castroite official)

This quotation was cited in Britain's The Guardian (where else?) with the comment: "Jesus could have uttered these words. Satan is the great deceiver. He's tricked the world into believing capitalism is good and socialism is bad."

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...

In Spanish:

"Que espíritu de trabajo crea espíritu de trabajo, que conciencia engendra conciencia, que valor y fe engendran valor y fe, que actitud honesta engendra más actitudes honestas, que amor a toda la sociedad, a todo el pueblo y a toda la humanidad engendra más amor entre los hombres; pero si predicamos el egoísmo, el dinero engendrará más egoísmo, la ambición engendrará más ambición, el oportunismo engendrará más oportunismo, la corrupción engendrará más corrupción, el feroz individualismo engendrará más individualismo. ¡Por eso nos negamos a erigirle un altar al dios dinero y postrarle a sus pies la conciencia de los hombres!" — Raúl Castro