Sunday, September 27, 2015

Francis Stumbles Boarding Plane to Philadelphia

It is painful to watch this video of a corpulent near-octogenarian stumbling continually over his long frock as he struggles to mount the airplane stairs, more crawling than walking erect, a strong wind blinding him with his own mozzetta (short cape-like hood) and almost pushing him backwards while he holds on to the banister with one hand and his briefcase with the other: a picture of helplessness and vulnerability. Surely they can install a stair climber for him or lift him up in a crane. Perhaps he is too proud to show how really incapacitated he is. His assistants withheld their assistance in order not to embarrass him. Their concern for his feelings may well have cost him his life. I suppose that losing some weight, raising the hem of his frock a few inches and letting some young priest carry his briefcase might also help.

One last suggestion: as a sign of humility, Francis discarded the red shoes and socks traditionally worn by popes. He should reconsider that decision. The red shoes would allow him to see his own feet and prevent him from tripping over them.

Even if Francis does not have an ounce of compassion for the Cuban people, he does not deserve to be a "martyr" of any kind.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Another advantage of red shoes is that Francis doesn't have to worry about getting them stained with the blood of the dissidents beaten and dragged away by Castro's goons in front of the pope mobile in Havana. There lies the virtue of adhering to tradition. Wading through innocent blood is not a new problem for popes, nor is a paunch so big that they can't see their feet. Red shoes, then, are not simply ornamental but utilitarian.

Vana said...


Lift him up on a crane. Lmfao! Indeed the red shoes he discarded is what this lean to the left pope needs. I can assure you that I was very disappointed watching him while he visited Cuba, I expected more from him, which goes to show all these popes are the same, they don't really care for the downtrodden and persecuted.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The Church has not survived for 2000 years by placing itself at the side of the meek and the helpless, but by clinging to the rich and the powerful. Having cast her lot with the Pharisees and the money changers, the Church's greatest nightmare is that the poor shall inherit the earth. If the Communists can stop that from happening, then they are her natural allies. The only question is: can two kleptocracies co-exist in a small and impoverished country?