Friday, September 25, 2015

"Francis Covers the Big Town"

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...

I have decided not to add any words of my own to this post not because I am afraid to own it and endorse the parallel which it establishes, but because most people seeing the movie poster do not require my commentary to understand it: the image itself speaks volumes (more even than the proverbial thousand words).

For those who understand the parallel between Francis the Mule and Francis the Pope but are too young to have heard of Francis the Talking Mule, let's say that he was the big screen's earlier version of the small screen's Mister Ed.

There the parallel ends because Francis the Mule was smart, capable and well-meaning if prone by virtue of his uniqueness to cause problems for his owner.

The Francis the Mule movies are all rated G. If a biopic were made that chronicled the "humorous" antics of Francis the Pope (such as denouncing gun manufacturers as "not Christian" while being always surrounded by men with guns or suggesting that the Muslim radicals who killed the French cartoonists should have instead punched them in the nose as he himself would have done to anyone who insulted his mother), the film would be rated "X" for inhumanity and needless stupidity were those as objectionable as sexuality and violence to the Motion Picture Association of America.