Sunday, August 16, 2015

Julian Bond Is Dead: "Civil Rights for Me, But Not for You"

"I first visited Cuba in the spring of 1959. I drove from Atlanta (where I was in school) to Key West with three college friends and we took a ferry from there to Havana. We stayed in the Roosevelt Hotel and visited the Tropicana – and a casino. We went to Havana High School. One of my colleagues was a pianist and there was a piano in the vestibule and he sat down and began to play. Students began pouring in, flooding us with questions about who we were, where we were from, why we had come. The truth was we were enchanted by the revolution. Our newspapers had carried stories about President Castro’s triumphant entry into Havana. He and his colleagues were all young, as were we – I was 19 – and we found something appealing in their story and their victory. This last trip (in November 2006) simply reinforced my admiration for the Cuban people and the society they are building." — Julian Bond, quoted in, which documents every Communist Front organization to which the domestic civil rights leader belonged

Julian Bond was also a poet. His most famous verse, according to The Miami Herald, was this deathless couplet:

Look at that girl shake that thing, 
We can’t all be Martin Luther King. 

Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Dead at 75

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JSword said...

How typical of the leftist, yet conveniently enough, nary a mention of the disaster that followed his visit to the island.