Tuesday, February 24, 2015

El Grito de Baire (1895-2015)

"120 years removed from that February 24th, which was as redolent with hope for our country as the present is bereft of it, Cuba finds herself in a more deplorable state than she did in 1895: then Cuba was a colony of Spain, now she is the fiefdom of one transplanted Spanish family whose patriarch fought with Weyler's forces against our independence. His sons, who head the criminal enterprise which has despoiled our country and enslaved her people for more than half a century, have attempted to co-opt Martí's legacy, proclaiming him the "intellectual architect" of their anti-Cuban Revolution though it is the negation of everything Martí lived and died for."

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Vana said...


Wasted lives, wasted efforts, it was all for naught. If only our ancestors could have seen the future, perhaps they wouldn't have tried so hard.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It's the last 56 years that killed us. Otherwise, we might have merited a C or even a B-. Without Fidel Castro, Cuba today may actually have redeemed the sacrifice of our founders. Now it will take decades more, perhaps even a century.