Friday, January 23, 2015

Hialeah Leads Nation in Sign-Ups for Obamacare

Florida leads the nation in sign-ups for Obamacare, and Hialeah leads the state followed by Miami. In fact, of the ten zip codes with the highest number of people who have registered for coverage using the federal marketplace, Hialeah zip code "33012" ranks number one in the nation. Hialeah's other three zip codes are also represented in the Top-Ten. Miami zip codes account for three placements on that list; Fort Lauderdale for two; and Pompano Beach for one. All ten zip codes with the highest Obamacare enrollment nationwide are in South Florida.

The area with the highest concentration of Cuban exiles in the nation also has the most card-carrying beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act. Well, clearly there is one Obama policy that Cuban-Americans overwhelmingly support, and it isn't the resumption of diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba or the lifting of the trade embargo.

Along with free satellite wi-fi, President Obama should offer to extend Obamacare to the people of Cuba as reparations for the infinite harm which was done to our country when the U.S. installed Fidel Castro in power 56 years ago (the first cause of our troubles, not the absence of an American ambassador or the embargo). Even the Obamacare bronze plan would be infinitely better than the island's basest metal plan, which once upon a time offered Cubans nothing but a doctor, sans everything else. But now that Cuba is exporting its doctors to the Third World for ready cash (we would call this slavery except for the fact that the slaves are only to happy to go), even doctors are scarce on the island and nothing about Cuba's "free and universal health care" is either free or universal. 

Since Obama believes the cooked-up polls which purport that a majority of Cuban-Americans support his recent initiatives on Cuba and there is no doubt that a supermajority does support the Affordable Care Act, the president should consider coming to Hialeah to sign the legal instruments that will restore diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Communist Cuba.

One Hialeah Zip Code Leads the Nation in Obamacare Enrollment

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Vana said...


It is to be expected, the recent émigrés are used to "free" healthcare, and as you say nothing else, at least here they have access to medicine.

I don't think the talks in Havana are going well, Raul wants all the concessions without giving nothing in return.