Sunday, April 12, 2015

Barack Obama and Raúl Castro: Perfect Together

Some may have experienced a "Woe is Me!" moment when the putative leader of the Free World shook hands with the world's oldest tyrant and pledged him his troth, but not me. Barack Obama and Raúl Castro do not meet on different moral planes; neither do they represent the polarities of good and evil. Barack Obama, who was the only U.S. senator to vote on three distinct occasions for partial birth abortion — the murder of babies that have completely exited the birth canal, since banned by the U.S. Supreme Court — and Raúl Castro, who has always been his brother's enforcer and relished that role since his days as a teenage serial killer in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, are not on opposite sides of humanity's struggle for freedom and human rights. Obama aspires to the "glory" of Neville Chamberlain and will sacrifice the honor of his country and the lives of 11 million Cubans to obtain this worse than empty prize.

The Castros have waited 50 years for a sucker of Obama's magnitude to be elected president, and then six years more for him to be in a position to surrender unconditionally to them, as they have always demanded. Barack Obama is truly their messiah: the dim light that signaled to them their hour of redemption. Raúl Castro has said it: it was in Obama's book that he first took the measure of the man. And the first thing that Raúl learned was to massage Obama's ego: praise him to the skies and cheat him while he's not looking at his cards but tracking his own trajectory in the heavens, otherwise known as his "legacy."

It should be pointed out, however, that what Obama has done is to codify a longstanding U.S. policy towards Cuba which no U.S. president before had dared to articulate but which could not be more evident: the Americans prefer a stable Cuba that is not free to a Cuba that is free but not stable. As the guarantors of stability on the island (and nothing is more stable than a cemetery), the Castros long ago became "our sons of bitches" in the eyes of U.S. policymakers.

Castro and Obama: Practicing Genocide as Statecraft


Vana said...


Birds of a feather, no doubt about it.

Yes indeed, the Castros have been waiting for the right sucker to come along, alas they found him!Seems the pope may also be flocking with them.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

You are very right. Suckers of a feather flock together. This Italian pope in the guise of an Argentine, who just beatified Archbishop Oscar Romero, whom John Paul II believed to be a Communist sympathizer, is not as cynical as his immediate predecessors because he's just not as smart. His overtures to Raúl Castro, such as gifting him with a medal of a saint known for his social works, are not intended to seem ironical; but are a genuine expression of his abysmal ignorance of the true nature of Communism, which one must be either a fanatic or an imbecile not to grasp by now. Benedict XVI having opened the way for Francis was an act of cynicism. Pope Francis having ensured the survival of Castroism in Cuba after the Castros is merely a noxious instance of radical cheek (and I don't mean chic). Both Obama and Francis have a vested interest in retaining a totalitarian state in Cuba: they fear the Cuban people more than they fear the despots because it is the Cuban people that both have wronged, not the Castros. In order to have "stability" in Cuba (that is, in order never to have to answer for their crimes) Obama and Francis prefer to have the Castros as their pro-consuls in Cuba because they consider the Castros the most reliable guardians of their interests (better the devil you know, etc.).