Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What is a Cuban "Hardliner?"

I have never met a Cuban "softliner" either on the right or on the left. The Cuban who supports rapprochement with the Castro regime is fully as dogmatic and intransigent as the Cuban who opposes it. Yet it is only the anti-Castro Cubans that are called "hardliners" by the media. The pro-Castro hardliners are always referred to as "moderates." Apparently, "moderate" defines any position that does not hold Fidel Castro accountable for his crimes while "intransigent" means any position that does.


Vana said...


You hit the nail on the head, only we who lost it all are looked upon as hardliners, loss of family, inheritance and the worse loss of all, the Republic, those who have never mourned the loss of their country have no idea how we feel.

Have a nice holiday, if you can muster any Christmas cheer, I know I cannot.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a wonderful Noche Buena. I hope you are able to get turrones in your neck of the woods.

Our countrymen on the island will enjoy the four ounces of pork which each is allotted on this day. And if they can live 45 years more, they will be able to feast on a steak on the 100th anniversary of the Revolution in 2059, as they did in 2009 on the 50th anniversary. Yes, one steak every fifty years. And ten years imprisonment for anyone caught consuming steak in the interim.

To think that there are those who think that such a system can be "reformed" and made to serve the people's needs!

Vana said...


Yes! We get turrones, there's a lot of Cuban Markets in LA, full of goodies, of course they are an hour away from me, but an hour of traveling is better than waiting 50 years to savor a steak.

Enjoy your Christmas with your family and friends, as I'm doing.

Christian C. said...

This post approaches Granma levels of sophistry. You don’t have the right to change the definitions of certain words in order to turn them against your political opponents because those words are often used to criticize you. If you passionately hold a position that falls squarely under the definitions of “hardline” and “intransigent,” own up to it. Is there something about being absolutely uncompromising towards the Castro regime that you’re ashamed of?

I suppose playing semantic games is all that’s left when exiles can no longer produce sound arguments to support the monumental failure of their “hardline” positions.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


"Granma levels of sophistry" would require me to be insincere and parrot propaganda for pay. Moreover, my penchant for spanking the likes of you could not be indulged in Granma because I would not be allowed to grant you the right of rebuttal, which you have used continually to no purpose here.

And who gave these words their peculiar definitions? Certainly not the dictionary where neither "hardliner" nor "intransigent" is given a political context. No, it is only by their tendentious use in the mainstream media that they became associated with anti-Castro Cubans and only anti-Castro Cubans.

I want these words to be applied to those who censor, imprison and murder their opponents in Cuba and to those who ignore or justify those crimes, and not exclusively to opponents of the regime who decry its abuses and demand justice for Castro's victims.