Monday, July 26, 2010

New "General Index" to RCAB

Many of my readers are acquainted with the Review of Cuban-American Blogs, which succeeded and preempted JBM for a long time. I have compiled a new "General Index" to the nearly 1000 posts about Cuba and related subjects which I wrote there. Those of you who contributed to this labor with your comments will, I think, be especially interested in revisiting RCAB, and all 978 articles there are entirely new to those who have never visited.


Fantomas said...


Berocos Menocál said...

por aqui ni las moscas pasan ya

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Exactly what one would expect from someone who thinks that “the truth is subjective” and “the definition of freedom [is] complex.” The truth is the truth precisely because it is not subjective (if it were subjective then it would be an opinion); and the definition of freedom is the same for all peoples and there is nothing “complex” about it. To quote the Cuban José Martí: “Liberty is the right of every man to be honest, to think and to speak without hypocrisy.” It is obvious that Ms. Neumark did not find freedom in Cuba, although I am sure she could formulate a definition sufficiently “complex” to include slavery within its compass. In any case, though Cubans are oppressed by a one-family dictatorship more durable and totalitarian than were the Duvaliers, they at least have avoided the caloric and cultural hagemony of the Golden Arches.

Fantomas said...

Manuel que paso con el newsletter que tu prometiste antes de dejar de postear en el review?

pasaste ya por el blog de calabaza que yo te referi?

me alegro hayas salido de las cloacas ocultas , tu pueblo te necesita asere

Fantomas said...

oye Manuel , que ha pasado con el chivato Val Prieto , el bitonguito Henry , Claudia la italiana , Babalundia esta completamente diferente ahora , hasta tienen norteamericanos posteando sin nombres , y a ti te negaron la oportunidad , no tienen verguenza estos bitongos

Centurion said...

en español por favor

el idioma que hablamos todos los cubanos

Fantomas said...

Mansuelo despierta esto o reabre el review , tirar piedra y esconder la mano de ves en cuando en PD es cosa de cobardes , o es que ahora Ernestico Busto es mas valiente que tu?

Fantomas said...

mira Mansuelo olvidate de despertar esto , despierta el review , vamos a ver si tu eres valiente o cobarde mansuelo

Berocos Menocál said...

Val Prieto asking for your money... again!

Back to the Capitol
By Val Prieto, on November 18, 2010, at 9:22 am

I'll be heading back up to DC the first week in December to participate in The Americano's First Annual Hispanic Forum. I've been invited to panel a discussion on blogging and social media titled "The Immense Power of Internet: Freedom at its Best. Like Never Before: Access to Knowledge at Your Fingertips and Knowledge is Power. Bloggers: The “Unshuttables”."

The forum will be a great event, and will host such esteemed guests as Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Alvaro Vargas-LLosa, and other noted Hispanics from around the world and the US.

Two Americans of Cuban descent will be honored during the event: Our very own Lincoln Diaz-Balart will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for "his innumerable accomplishments to our country and our community." And Dr. Orlando Silva will receive the Outstanding Hispanic Award for "dedicating his life to selflessly serving others either in the fight against breast cancer or as a hero to thousands who meet him in his medical missions in Latin America."

I'm really excited about participating in this event, not just because of the great speakers and participants, but because I truly believe in the Forum's agenda: The Hispanic is a natural fit within the Conservative movement and we need to work together to get that message out and extricate our Spanish speaking American brothers and sisters from the grasp of the left.

If you happen to be in DC that week, please consider attending the event because, as always, the more support the better.

And, while my travel and accommodation costs are being covered by the event organizers, I could use a little help covering other related costs for this trip.

[Let me guess Val, you need that money for: beer, lechon at Cuban restaurant, blowjob from DC mancamp member (maricon), Cuban cigars, desserts, Vaseline jars to be used up your ass when you get shagged by Yanki bugarrones?]

If you can spare a few bucks, please consider helping out by clicking on the Donate button on the sidebar.

[No fucking way mulato, fuck you, cheap ass motherfucker, always asking for money for your fucking till, you piece of shit.]

Think of it as an early Christmas Present.

[Caballero, le ronca los cojones, hay que ser tremendo hijoeputa para comportarse en esta forma, este guajiro de Bayamo es entre muchas cosas un tremendo desfachatao. El coño de tu madre Val.]

Centurion said...

Cojalo suave Menocal que hijos de puta como Val Prieto hay muchos en Miami , ya les llegara su turno al igual que los comunistas cubanos que ahora dicen no ser lo que por años fueron en Cuba

Vana said...

Merry Christmas my friend, that is if there's anything to be merry about, I find myself lately with no Christmas spirit whatsoever.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Dear Vana:

I feel very much as you do this holiday season. I suspect that all exiles feel more despair at this time of year than at any other. It was well-expressed by the heading to a recent post on Penúltimos Días: "Christmas with Herod, But Nevertheless Christmas."

When what is most horrible in our lives is the only certainty in it, and the passing years bear witness only to the permanence of suffering and the uselessness of sacrifice, the only conclusion is and must be that what is barren can never be fruitful, what is false can never be true, and what is gone can never return. When hope feeds only on hope there is no hope and without hope there is nothing.

Still, we must persist, because this is the only life that was given to us. So, my dear friend, I wish you and all the readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Vana said...


Thanks for your kind wishes.

May the new year bring us, what we have longed for too many years.

Happy new year to you and yours dear friend.

Vana said...


Just wanted to say hi on our dear Apostle's birthday.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

In answer to some comments by a necrophilic admirer of "Che" Guevara in the Boston Herald:

*** "Che" Guevara abandoned his motorcycle buddy, who was afflicted with leprosy, in a leper colony in South America. He promised to return to see him, but never did. He did take his motorcycle, though.

*** "Che" Guevara was not a physician though he posed as one. He attended veterinary school in Argentina but dropped out before graduation to become a bum and later a Peronist (i.e. neo-fascist) goon. Ironically, the would-be veterinarian turned bogus physician always treated humans as animals.

*** Cuban public schools and universities were never segregated; neither were Catholic schools. The Castroites closed all Catholic and private schools, thereby actually diminishing the number of schools in Cuba.

*** Literacy in Cuba before 1959 was 78%, which was more than 3-times higher than the literacy rate for the Third World. So, at best, the Castroites reduced illiteracy in Cuba by 20%. At what cost? They dictated to 100% of the Cuban population what they could read and what they could not. They instituted censorship; closed all independent newspapers and magazines; publishing houses and book stores; radio and television stations. They instituted state censorship and warned writers and artists that "everything was possible within the Revolution, and nothing outside it." And so it has been for 52 years.

*** Before 1959, the death penalty did not exist in Cuba. That's why Fidel Castro surrendered to Batista after the Moncada Attack in 1953; he knew that Batista could not execute him or even make him disappear: Cuba's 1940 Constitution, its Rule of Law and independent judiciary were guarantees that Castro's opponents have never enjoyed.

*** The total number of documented casualties of the Cuban Revolution was 573 (on both sides) during 3 years of mostly non-fighting. Far from being a civil war, Castro's "Revolution" was more like a gang fight and not a particularly bloody one. It was the U.S. which removed Batista and installed Castro in power (with the assistance of Castro's publicist, The New York Times).

*** The "20,000" figure was the self-confessed invention of Miguel Quevedo, the editor of "Bohemia," Cuba and Latin America's largest news magazine, who was also an ardent Castro supporter (until Castro confiscated his magazine).

*** It was Fidel Castro (and "Che" Guevara) who reintroduced the firing squad in Cuba, which had not been heard since the end of Spanish rule in 1898.

*** In 1959, Fidel and "Che" executed 15,000 Cubans without the benefit of fair trials; more Cubans in fact than died from natural causes that year. "Che," in particular, was responsible for 3000 executions, including those of several children 16 and younger.

*** Far from "denouncing racism," "Che" Guevara was a racist himself, as can be seen in his published "Motorcycle Diaries." He especially despised Indians, but held no brief for blacks or mestizos either. Read it there in his own words.

*** "Che" Guevara was brought to justice by the very Indians that he despised, in Bolivia, in 1967. He surrendered without firing a shot, though well-armed. He shouted to his captors, "Don't hurt me. I'm 'Che' Guevara. I can be useful to you."